From Our Latest Virtual Wellness Resource Fair

Please note: These videos reflect the views of the speakers and not necessarily those of Mission: Kid Success.
The views expressed in these videos should not be seen or interpreted to be providing any professional or medical advice

Women’s Health & the Subtleties We are Missing for Vibrant Health

Presented by Classically Trained Homeopath, Aniela Costello, L.H.P.

Burnout to Bliss

Presented by Loyla Louvis, Certified Professional Parenting Strategist, Mothers In Training

Emergency Special Needs Planning

Presented by Zeke Zimmerman & Richard Lofredo of The Time to Plan is Now

Brain and Body Integration Program

Presented by Dr. Sabrina Bradbury-Segal, Director, Brain & Body Integration Program, Little Humans Big Dreams

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Brain Balance New Jersey

Presented by Betsy Stoeber, Center Director of Brain Balance of Bergen County & Brain Balance of Summit

Pony Power Therapies

Presented by Dana Spett, MSW, DSW Candidate

The Magic of Reading: How to Foster Language Development & Academic Success & Have Fun!

Presented by Chaya Sorscher-Levi, MS,CCC-A/SLP, LSLS Cert AVT