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MKS has awarded over $60,000 in grants since we launched!

These grants have made it possible for deserving local children with Neurodevelopmental Conditions to receive therapies and services their families otherwise are unable to afford.

  • "Children with special challenges need help more now than ever as they navigate new ways to improve their quality of life and outcomes during these unprecedented times. I encourage those that can help donate to Mission: Kid Success to do so. Your contribution will reach families who otherwise would not have the resources to send their child to [services and therapies they need]."
    Ericka (Mother to Jai - 9 years old) Grant Recipient
  • "As the new school year begins, I reflect upon the past year and I am overwhelmed with gratitude for what Mission: Kid Success has done for us. Menachem really blossomed and is doing beautifully in a completely mainstream setting. His speech is clear and he is constantly chatting- it is truly amazing!"
    Hadassah (Mother to Menachem - 4 years old) Grant Recipient

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Meet Our Key Team Members

Priscilla Leto

President & Founding Board Member

Carla Iommetti

Treasurer & Board Member

Vandana Taneja

Secretary & Board Member

Brian Mansfield

Vice President & Board Member

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We are grateful for all of our volunteers and sponsors. Without them, our mission would be impossible!

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